Welcome to Tays Junior High!

March 7, 2016


You were selected to be a member of an inaugural team at Tays Junior High School. It is my hope that your career at Tays Junior High will grow you as professional. I believe that you were a person with the right fit for our school. Here at Tays, I want you to be a contributing member of our school community. This means that you will bring your skills and talents to our school and that you will work collaboratively to help everyone reach their full potential. Of course, our first and foremost goal is to be here for every child that walks in the door at Tays. We must meet our students where they are but inspire them to believe that they can accomplish all their personal dreams and goals. I know that it is tough to be new to a school but it is my hope that you find your work at Tays is not work at all - it is using your talents to ignite the love of learning in others.

Join us for our Parent Organization Night!

Wednesday, March 9th 6:30 - 8:30 pm Tompkins Commons

We will be hosting our first parent night to decide on our parent organization. You can certainly join us for the event (but it is not mandatory!). Please let Kathryn Fix (kathrynhfix@katyisd.org) know if you are attending so that we can make you a name tag for the event.

More updates and information about those joining our team after Spring Break!

Including an ongoing list of introductions....(if I can get it our before Spring Break I will...)
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