Redbone Coonhounds

By: Katie Roth

Redbone Coonhounds

  • When the Coonhound is at full growth it will be about 21-27 inches high, weigh up to 50 or 70 pounds and live as long as 12 years.
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  • Redbones also need lots of exercise but about one daily walk should be enough. The Redbone excels in treeing animals, it's fast and agile, able to travel through swamps and water at a fast pace.

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  • The Redbone coonhound originated in the 1800s, and it is believed to be related to the Black and Tan coonhound, Bloodhounds, and Plott dogs.

The Redbones History

  • Redbones were the second coonhound breed to be registered in the U.K.C and the first to be registered in 1902.

Where the name came from

  • Years ago when coon hunters had a red coon dog that had an unknown ancestry, but proven ability to track and tree coons, they called it a Redbone.