Honey Bees

Do you Know all the recent BUZZ about Bees

The Disappearence Act

Bees are disappearing everywhere. Didn't know? Don't care? Well you should. Bees play a MAJOR role in our everyday lives.. Bee’s special hair allows pollen to stick to them and carry it from flower-flower. Everyone is affected by bees disappearing, it will affect us economically because, if farmers and beekeepers can no longer work there is more demand for jobs making, it harder to make a living. With that being said Farmers would be affected because, bees pollinate flowers which animals eat which give us food. Cows eat flowers and grass which bees pollinate. Cows give us milk which we use to make many foods that contain dairy.

Without Bees

Without bees many animals that give us food and vitamins wouldn’t be able to survive. If the animals that fed us died we would die. Milk is a good source of thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B12 and vitamin C which are very important to have in our system. Humans wouldn’t survive very long without all the resources bees help us get.
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Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

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But I Don't Like Bees

Many people don't like bees but you should reconsider smashing them. Yes bees sting and make annoying noises, but stinging not only hurts us but it kills them. Bees sting as a defense it may not seem like it but maybe you got to close to their hive, or you almost walked into one, whatever the reason there is one. Plus they are much tinier than us and deserve a chance at life, after all they are living creatures.

What can we do?

How can we help?

-Plant a garden with plants rich with nectar

-Don't use pesticides

- Be informed and inform others

-Plant plants that bees like (Lavender)