Weekly Newsletter!!!

By: Sarah Willmann and Ashley Huber

11/11/13 - 11/15/13


This week we looked at sentences. On Monday, we identified rambling sentences. On Tuesday, we combined sentences. On Wednesday, we reviewed combining sentences. On Thursday, we introduced expository writing. We compared expository writing and personal narratives. On Friday, we did our spelling assessment.


This week we looked at text structure. On Monday, we identified text structure. On Tuesday, we identified text structure and made a flip-book on stories we read. On Wednesday, we made a book on text structure with partners. On Thursday, we reviewed text structure. We finished our text structure book together. On Friday, we finished the topic of text structure and took a test on text structure.


This week we talked about decimals. On Monday, we changed fractions to decimals. On Tuesday, we changed decimals to fractions. On Wednesday, we started adding and subtracting decimals. On Thursday, we added and subtracted decimals as a class. On Friday, we reviewed fractions and decimals and finished a packet we had started.


This week we talked about slow changes to the Earth's surface. On Thursday, we introduced slow changes to the earth by reading in our new packet. On Friday, we talked more about slow changes to the earth and started a flip-book on the slow changes.