what happens to waste


First the trash is picked up by the garbage truck, Then taken to the landfill and dropped into a hole by a dump truck.


Next the hole will be filled up to ground level and covered by dirt, sometimes the garbage will be taken to an incinerator that burns all the garbage, Causing very harmful chemicals!

Rubbish is covered daily with soil to create a better appearance, and to prevent odors.
Waste can start decomposing, or rotting, which depends on sunlight, rain and other conditions.

The After Affect

After garbage and trash is buried in dirt it is not gone, and wont be for a VERY long time. Many people believe that if it is out of sight, it is not there or non-existent, but what they don't know is, it doesn't go away, it doesn't break up like its suppose to, it just sits there and wrecks that eco-system where decomposers are suppose to live, but they don't, because it is polluted in these dumps/landfills and they have little oxygen and little moisture. It tares apart the environment, slowly, but surely it pollutes the near by producers and plants, and forces animals to go into a different area. Landfills/dumps destoy environments one pieces at a time.