Yellowstone National Park

Most wild life on earth


Yellowstone National Park is the oldest park in America. It is 3472 square miles. It became a National Park in 1872.


Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Things To Do

There's a million things to do a Yellowstone National Park, like going to geysers and hot springs. Another thing you can do there is bike, hike, and drive around the park. Next you can have lots of fun fishing. There is also a visitor center there you can go to.

Watch the wildlife swing through your eyes when hiking up a mountain. Also biking through a place while having to see animals or plants. You could also look around and enjoy the sight.

Things to Know

There's a lot of things to know about Yellowstone. One really important thing to know is BEWARE OF BEARS! Also no pets are allowed. There's restaurants around the park. Next the temperature is about 70-80° F in summer. Another thing is the admission fee is $12 dollars per person and 25 dollars for parking. If you like it so much, you could even stay at one of the resorts around there but also it's open all year.

Wildlife and Nature

There's a lot of wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. There's lots of wilderness and forestd. There's mammals like Bison, Elk, Horse, Moose, wolf, Coyotes, Badgers, Squirrels, Prairie dogs, pronghorn, and foxes. There is also a lot of Bears, but the Bears are a danger in the park. Some birds are at the the park too like Hawks, Owls, and Swans.

Things to See

There are a lot of things to see at the park like hot springs and geysers. There are actually over 300 geysers in Yellowstone. There are also over 10,000 hydrothermal features in Yellowstone.

Why to go

You should go to Yellowstone National Park to have fun and enjoy the wildlife around you. Also have time with your friends and family.
Images from National Park Services website