Ellis Island

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Ellis island

Ellis island is a newly restored National Monument that immigrants used to get to america. To get through you have to get checked and scanned to make sure you don't have any bad diseases or have done anything bad.

how it works

First, the immigrants wait in a room for hours for their name to be called. When your name is called you get scanned privately in a private room, first they check for any rashes, if you had a rash, back then it men't that you had commit a crime. Second, they check for diseases, if you have a disease you will be sent to a hospital to be cured.

pictures of Ellis Island

its story

Ellis island is a 3.3 acre sandbar. it opened in 1892 as a place for people to go through to get to america. it was open for more than 60 years and closed in 1954. the owner Samuel Ellis owned the island and sold it to the government for 1,000,000$ so they could use it for immigrants

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what they wanted

everyone coming to america( or Ellis island ) were coming for freedom, or to escape bad things happening in their country. Ellis island is an immigrant station for the people who wanted to be free.