Weekly Launch

September 18-22

Weekly Reminders/Information

-Don't forget to turn in your reimbursement form for PTA! They will reimburse you for up to $50. You must have a receipt. Please try to have this taken care of by Sept. 29th.

-Don't forget to check your D-10's asap. We have a lot of teachers who have not done so yet. This is required!

-Make sure your lesson plans are uploaded Monday! We will be checking this week. Let Sue know if you are having problems

-If you have not finished your Mandatory Online Training, you now have until the 29th to finish.

-Teacher Self Report due Sept. 29

-Please be at school at 7:45 every day and ready to greet your students at the door at 8:00!

-Please make sure your schedule is posted outside your door!

-Please cc me and Suzi when you send your peek of the weeks!

-Suzi and I will begin visiting classrooms during the next two weeks to get to know our new kids and your class. We are excited to come in and see all the great things happening in your classrooms!

Thank you

Thank you for making this second first week go so smoothly. The students have been great this week. They were so well behaved during Character Connection. It was scary! :0)

Suzi and I have been so impressed with how quiet it has been in the hallways at dismissal. Please continue to expect this from your students. I appreciate all the positive comments that I am hearing about our students-even the struggling ones. These are our students and regardless of their academic background, we are going to have high expectations for them. No excuses!!! Loved this statement on Mrs. Joiner's board outside her classroom-Harvey was strong, but our NPE family is STRONGER!

Important Dates

Character Corner

September 18-

September 19-

September 20-PTA meeting 2:00 pm


2nd grade parent night 5:00 pm

September 21-Rachel Powell on campus

Dr. Ebell on campus 8:15-9:30

Wear your character shirt with jeans(must be a character shirt-can be our new mint shirt)

Math Teacher Leader meeting 3:30

September 22-Alpha-5th grade

1st day of Fall

Word of the Week-Self-Respect

Word of the Month-Respect

Morning Announcements-Smith

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Word of the Week-Essential