God of Agriculture and Harvests

By: Kevin Holt

Name Variations:

Cronus' name can be spelled many different ways such as Cronos and Kronos. In Roman culture, he is know as Saturn ("Cronos").


Cronus is the son of Uranus, the god of heaven, and Gaea, the goddess of earth. He is married to Rhea who bore him his children Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus ("Cronos").

Where is he from?

Cronus is from everywhere. When Zeus overthrew him, Cronus' children divided up the land amongst themselves (Bolton 56).

Where does he live?

After Zeus over threw him, Cronus was banished to Tartarus (TAR-tur-uhs) Which is in the underworld. Later he became the ruler over the Islands of the Blessed ("Cronus").

God of:

Cronus is the god of agriculture and harvests ("Cronus").


"In art he was depicted as an old man holding an implement, probably a sickle but interpreted as a harpē, or curved sword ("Cronos")."

Special Talents, Skills, or Traits:

My research has concluded that Cronus does not have any special talents, skills, or traits.

Major Weaknesses:

Cronus' biggest weakness is the fact that he thought he was all powerful when in reality he was not. That is why Zeus was able to overthrow and banish him ("Titans").

Greek Myth or Story:

Cronus learned that one of his children was going to overthrow him like he did with his father. So he decided that to prevent that, he was going to eat all of his children. When his wife, Rhea, gave birth to a child, he ate it as soon as he saw it. When Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she hid him in a cave. When Cronus confronted her to eat his son, Rhea gave him a stone wrapped in a child's clothes. Cronus ate it and couldn't tell the difference. Zeus then grew up hidden away from Cronus. When Zeus was powerful enough, he confronted Cronus and forced him to throw up his children. He then banished Cronus to Tartarus ("Cronos").

Cronus' Symbols:

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