Counterculture Information Brochure

By Sophia Sload

Feminist Movement (1963)

Betty Friedan has recently written a very insightful book called the Feminine Mystique. It gives an inside look of the unfulfilled lives of many housewives in America who are starting to feel unimportant. There are so many college-educated women who can not find a spot in the workforce because men take their jobs or having a job is not worth it because of the small salary. A quote from Friedan's book is "I'm desperate. I begin to feel I have no personality. I'm a server of food and a putter-on of pants and a bed maker, somebody who can be called on when you want something. But who am I?". This soon to be best seller is making many aware of how it is hard for woman to get jobs in "men's work" which is basically anything that is not a nurse, teacher, or secretary. Many are saying that this is sparking feminism which is political, economic, and social equality for men and women. Women are seeming to be the next group in America to want equality during this time of civil rights.

Latino Movement

If you haven't noticed in 1960 about 6 million more Latin Americans came to our country. Many came to escape prosecution and for better lives from Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, and more. But instead of the expected freedom they received hard labor which was passed on from generation to generation just because of their origins. Cesar Chavez is a man who is a Unites States citizen but was born to immigrants. He grew up working as a field working and he knows the dangers of this toiling labor. A few years ago this man helped set up the United Farm Workers Organization Committee. But now him and many other in the Delano, CA area are striking grapes. The strike has led to a total boycott for many across the nation. When Chavez is asked about this he says "the fight is never about grapes or lettice. It is always about people." This shows how much this man cares about getting better working conditions and wages for his people.

Native American Movement

Native Americans are a very poor group at this time because of their low unemployment rates. They also believe that they are being treated unfair. One reason is because America is breaking up their ancient culture. The AIM (American Indian Movement) conducted a march on Washington yesterday hoping to get two specific things. From a source I heard that one was to get land back. The other was to end the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This is holding restrictions on how they can express their culture. Even if they receive grants most Native Americans want their culture and land back. Many think this is progressive.

Counterculture movement

Most people have seen or know someone in the counterculture movement. They are known as hippies and they support love, peace, and harmony. I heard from a hippie that they were just so tired of pointless war, gender stereotypes, hate crimes and more. So they dress up in colorful clothes and wear peace signs then try to forget that this is happening in the world. Music festivals are a common place for hippies to meet because they are often distinguished by the expressive type of music that they listen to. Woodstock is one of the biggest music festival for the counterculture movement and also ever to exist. There were 400,000 people in this large area who mostly believed in the same thing. A man who was at this festival told me that "it was both a peaceful protest and global celebration."

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