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December 16, 2014

Send in Selfies by February 1

Yearbook staff is asking each freshman to send in a selfies to

Semester Final Schedule

Dec. 17—regular periods in morning.

Dec. 17—Gold finals 3 & 4

Dec. 18—Blue finals 1, 2, & 3

Dec. 19—Gold finals 1 & 2, Blue 4

Students are dismissed at 2:30 on Dec. 18 and 19

Freshman Student Council Prepares for Formal

The Freshman Formal will be held on January 17 from 7-10 p.m.

Come walk the red carpet, as this year's theme is Night Out in New York City. Tickets will go on sale for $3 as it gets closer.

All students coming will need to be eligible and have a drug/alcohol consent form turned in to the office.

Putting the Formal together and making it run smoothly is a huge task, but there are several different committees that help make it happen. There are 4 StuCo committees lined up that will start making final preparations after Christmas break.

“It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time to prepare for, but we have enough kids involved that we will be able to pull it off,” said Mr. Marez, Freshman Academy Counselor.

Aside from the Formal, StuCo is also working with our Adopt-A-School Partner in hopes of giving away toys to less fortunate kids during the holiday season.

The concessions committee will also be busy working concession stands as the basketball season will be in full swing.

7-8 Girls BBall Season Ends, 9 Season Begins

The 9 grade girls basketball team has 13 players. They are Brittney Spreier, Carlee Brester, Paige Peterson, Lauren Rairigh, Abby Lenhart, Arianna Guel, Karina Clark, Erika Farret, Alyssa Greeley, Marley Garcia, Juana Perez, and Desi Hoof. Diamond Palomo is the manager.

The freshmen are coached by Mr. Relka and Mr. Moser.

The team has a game coming up on December 18 in Douglas. After that they will have a 5 day moratorium for Christmas.

The 8th grade team has 25 players. They are coached by Mrs. Freeburg.

Make sure to come and support the 8th girls basketball team for their last game on December 18 at home at 5:15.

“One of the things I enjoy most about coaching this group of girls is their practice intensity. They’re not afraid to work and push each other,” said Coach Freeburg.

The 7 grade girls team has 29 members. They are coached by Mr. Clark.

What is Snot?!

It is the season of joy, giving, loving and…snot?!

Snot is the word we use to name the mucus or phlegm that lives in our nose. Even though Mom and Dad might not like you calling it “snot” that’s what everyone, even royalty, called it back in the 1600s.

Some people believe that snot is usually dry or there isn’t always snot in their nose, however there is always snot in your nose because snot is used to keep the lining of your nose moist.

Most people believe that the cold virus is the reason our noses get runny, but in reality our body responds to the virus by making phlegm or snot. Viruses in your snot can survive for up to 24 hours.

Sneezes can travel from 30 to 60 miles an hour! Sneezes can also fly 30 feet through the air.

(Information found at and in the book OH, Yuck! By Joy Masoff.)

Shoot, Takedown, Score

Gering Freshman have started off their wrestling season with a duel in Julesburg, Colorado, and wrestled their first tournaments in Crawford, JV Tournament and Cozad, Varsity tournament.

Many people also attended the Blue / Gold Duels for Varsity wrestle offs.

Six freshman cracked the Varsity lineup that night. They were Cody Ybarra, Ricky Saenz, Aaron Tovar, Kaetlyn Todd, Wade Blue and Trayton Johnston.

Other important assets to the team are Carmelo Ozuna, Andres Canales, Xavier Arellano, Keegan Wurdeman, Jeff Evans, Felipe Luna, Luciano Palomo, Julian Corona, Quintien Onstott, Brayden Tarr, Jaden Sharp, Noah Vogel, and Marc Aguilar.

“Gering has a lot of talent and heart, and that's something I haven’t heard about this program in a while!” said Coach Behrens.

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NJHS Elects Officers

NJHS elected officers on October 22. Victoria Schwartz was elected President, Sheridan Blanco is the Vice President, Ashley Maschmeier is the Secretary/ Treasurer, Nicole Patton is the Head of Fundraising, Kaetlyn Todd is the Head of Publications, and Delaney Dean is the Head of Services. This group is sponsored by Ms. Cowin.

Gering Publications Team

Kylee Steele, Kaetlyn Todd, Brittney Spreier, Mel Kaup, Ethan Gompert, Dawson Johns, Carlie Sides, Erika Farret, Ashley Maschmeier, Delaney Dean, Jessie Svoboda, Karina Clark, and Sydny Ridgeway