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We are so excited about our new Career, College, and Wellness Center, called ”The Ascent”! The mission of “The Ascent” is to provide a safe, calm space to support emotional management, promote mental health awareness, and meeting students’ post-secondary goals. Students are encouraged to identify their academic strengths, skills, social-emotional needs, and build resilience to support their overall well-being for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. “The Ascent” will create and support a culture of well-being in the school community. It gives students practical tools to use every day to manage emotions and stress so that they re-engage with the school community in the role of life-long learners.

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ASVAB Career Exploration Assement

Tuesday, March 9th, 8am

Havelock Media Center

Before choosing or exploring a career, you need to spend some time finding out about yourself. Whether you're a student planning to go to college, a vocational school, or the military, or you're just not sure what you want to do yet, the ASVAB Career Exploration Program can set you on the right course for a satisfying career.

An email was sent to Grade 11/12 students via students' emails. Please contact Alex Vacarro or Andrea Howard with questions or concerns.