Judson ISD Counseling Weekly Update

April 13th - 17th

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Welcome Students and Parents

This week we have included two new Mindfulness Techniques to use at home. We also have a great workout video to help get you get started in the morning. If you need any assistance we are here to help. Please contact one of our Counseling staff members at the link below.
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Child Abuse Prevention Month Cardboard Kids

Child Abuse Prevention Month

Judson ISD is committed to keeping our students safe. If you know anyone that may be suffering please report it.

Texas Child Abuse Hotline

1-800 252-5400

Judson ISD let's show our support throughout the month of April. Even if we are at home we can still show our support!

On Wednesday, April 15th at our lunch sites we will be giving away Cardboard kids(limited amount) , or an activity sheet to create a smaller version of your cardboard kid and a pinwheel to support Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Our Judson ISD reveal date is April 22nd. Post your creation either a Cardboard kid, pinwheel, or both! Please share or post your photos with us Facebook or on twitter #JudsonISDCardboardKidsSA #JudsonISD .

Click below for direction for pinwheel or print and color kid below.

Click on Link for Printable Version

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Please View our Monthly Child Abuse Prevention Month Guidance Lesson

Thank you Ms. Iturbe from Coronado Village Elementary for sharing your lesson.
Child Abuse Prevention Lesson

Community Resources

Other Assistance Needed

Military Family in our district and you need assistance contact Ms.Greenwood by email sgreenwood@judsonisd.org or by phone (210) 802-6709

If you participate in our McKinney Vento program and are in need of assistance. Please contact Ms. Young by email dyoung@judsonisd.org or by phone (210) 764-9571

If you are experiencing difficulty in providing basic necessities for your family and need additional assistance, please contact the following:

Monica Chavarria by email mchavarria@judsonisd.org or by phone (210) 541-2731

Trisha Walker by email twalker972@judsonisd.org or by phone (210) 595-9698

Reynae Herrera by email rherrera447@judsonisd.org or by phone (210)595-9541

Monica Garcia by email mgarcia083@judsonisd.org or by phone (210) 275-4031

Social Emotional Learning

Get your Morning Started with some Exercise

Let's Go (K-3) Body in Motion

Click on Link below to Hear Audio of our Mindfulness Techniques for the Week.


In order to ensure you have self care while at home use some of these mindfulness techniques to assist you.

Still Point : This activity is a great way to support ourselves in a challenging situation. It has two parts. First is to help us find a calm, relaxed state. The second is to create a simple way for us to find that state or Still Point, any time we are stressed or worried.

1. Sit up tall and roll your shoulders back.

2. Relax your breath by curling your tongue and sipping air through it, like a straw.

3. Inhale to the count of 3 and exhale through your nose to the count of 3.

4. Relax your breath again by curling your tongue and sipping air through it. When you begin to feel relaxed cross your middle finger and your index finger.

5. Repeat several times. By finding a relaxing state and crossing our fingers, we are training our bodies to find that peaceful, relaxed stat—or Still Point—every time our fingers are crossed.

Five-Part Breath : This activity is empower us with the coping sills to be adaptable and present when we are feeling confused, upset, or we have lost direction. It gives us a strategy to feel in control and understand that we have a choice—that WE steer the ship—when we are feeling overwhelmed by school, home, or life.

(1) Attract what I expect

(2) Reflect what I desire

(3) Become what I respect

(4) Mirror what I admire.

(5) I am the creative principle in my life. I steer the ship.

(Adapted from a quotation, author unknown)

1. Sit up tall and roll your shoulders back.

2. Notice the pattern of your natural breath. Make your inhale and exhale breaths the same length. Inhale to the slow count of 5. Exhale to the slow count of 5.

3. You will match one inhalation with one line from the quotation above. For instance, for my first inhalation and exhalation I will silently say to myself “Attract what I expect.” For my second inhalation and exhalation I will silently say to myself, “Reflect what I desire,” and so on.

4. Go through the quotation twice this way.

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College and Career Readiness

AP Webinar for Students and Parents

On Thursday, 4/16 from 7-8PM EST, Trevor Packer will be hosting a webinar for parents and guardians to share information about this year’s at-home AP Exams and how to help your student prepare.

Trevor will be joined by Jane McBride Gates, Provost and SVP, Academic and Student Affairs from Connecticut State Colleges & Universities and Kristin Brandt, AP Live Human Geography teacher from Glenbard West High School. This webinar will go into detail about the online exams and format, how to prepare at home for them, and answer common questions parents and students may have. We encourage parents and their AP students to sit in on this webinar together.

We encourage you to register for the webinar here and tune in live with your student(s) on 4/16. You can also share this registration link and webinar information with your communities as many of you know parents of AP students. A recording of the webinar will be available via the registration link after the live event. We are looking forward to this webinar and we hope you will help spread the word.

Course Request for Current 8th-11th Grade Students

8th- 11th grade students please review your course selections in SchooLinks with your parents. Deadline to review is this Tuesday, April 14th at noon. If everything looks great no need to do anything. If you need to make changes please email your counselor.

Looking for Some College and Career Readiness Fun? Access SchooLinks

Great for 7th-10th Grade Click Below

Great for 11th Grade Click Below

Upcoming Information

Let us know what questions you have or items we can share. Our goal is to keep Social Emotional Learning going on while we are at home.
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Hotline and Helplines

SA Food Bank

Families can call in and provide their zip code to find the closest food resource location to them. Hours of operation 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM.

(210) 431-8326

United Way Information and Referral

211 or (210) 227-4357

Texas Child Abuse Hotline

1-800 252-5400

Center for Health Care Services/ Bexar County 24 hour Crisis hotline

(210) 223-7233 or 1-800-316-9241

Crisis Text Line

Text home to 741741 when going through any kind of emotional crisis and a crisis counselor will respond via text.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline