Freak the Mighty

Don't judge others

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty is a book with a title that describes two boys working together, even though they don't exactly fit 'in.' Max is the so called "Mighty" because he is very big and tall. Kevin's nickname was "Freak." So, if you add Freak and Mighty together, you get Freak the Mighty. They claim their name as if they were a two-man superhero.

Man Vs. Society

Max and Kevin, either together or separate, they have to face society. Max doesn't fit in with society because he is so tall. He also has a low self esteem, thinking himself as dumb. Kevin doesn't fit in with society either. He is crippled, short, and insanely smart. They are considered 'weird' to society because they are so different from others.

Character's remarks

"I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for a while, and that's the truth, the whole truth," said Max, who has a low self esteem. Max judges himself, as well as others, and therefore, he doesn't come out with a very good outcome. But once he got to know Kevin, or "Freak," he became good friends with him, and did not judge him. They later were getting bullied by kids Freak calls "the turd kind, and when they were together, nothing stopped them from standing up for themselves. They called themselves "Freak the Mighty," and they were a nine foot tall hero.

Contrasts between characters

"Freak" and "The Mighty" are two completely different people that make one strong hero. "Freak," or Kevin, is a small, smart, crippled boy and "The Mighty," or Max, is a big, strong, below-average-brain-intelligence kind of guy. Max and Kevin judged each other at first, but once they got used to hanging around each other, they became friends. When people combine a smart, short one with a big, strong, not-so-intelligent man, they can result with a hero like "Freak the Mighty." Because they didn't judge each other, they came back with perfect results, a hero. If others don't judge people like these two didn't, they could come back with perfect results as well. Maybe not a hero, but something else, maybe something better than a hero.