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Friday, October 14, 2016

Quote of the Day

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Fabulous Friday, October 14:

Picture Day

5th Grade Planning Day

ESL Planning Day

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Happy Birthday to our Team Members

No birthdays today


Please complete this form from our PTA: Staff Favorites http://bit.ly/CESFavorites

Baggie Books should be sent home daily.

Students should not eat snacks on the playground or outside. We have many ants and lots of trash outside.

Please have students get their belongings when entering the building from the playground.

We will include additional times on the schedule for PDPs and Pre-Conferences.

Please schedule all 1st Quarter Conferences by November 10th.

Our ESL Team has scheduled all conferences for students they serve November 14-17. The team will send additional information to our team.

Please review SOAR expectations with students daily.

Mandatory Training Information: (should be complete)


Lesson plans in google docs. Please also have lesson plans visible in your classroom in a designated area.

Please let us know if you have any schedule changes throughout the day.

Who will be absent today? Extra Coverage maybe needed

If a staff member is absent please check and make sure all duties will be covered for that day. If not please help us in that duty area. Thank you so much:)

Team Member




K. Williams