Need A babysitter?

Babysitting 101 is here for you

Call at 816-402-0982

On we are having an informational night to find more about us

To find more information go to information night or call the number

We our open to call if you need a sitter on Wednesday 5:00-7:00

You can trust us to babysit you kid we want to say

per child would be $5.00 and hour 2 children $9.50 and to find out for more children call

Here are reasons you should call babysitting 101

  • We are responsible
  • We are good care givers
  • We help clean up when are job is done
  • We want to make your child happy not us
  • Are number 1 priority is that your child is safe
  • We love children

Have a great day!

We want to try to make your children have a more fun day then if they went to work with you or went to a preschool and any necessary teaching can be helped for free

We want to make your child nice and not crying when you get home