Secret Thrivers!

I won't tell.

Your Secret is Safe.

People come to me, full of hope and a healthy skepticism, and ask me about the Thrive Experience. Sometimes they have a specific wellness goal in mind or want relief from a chronic discomfort. Other times they want mental clarity or daily energy without all the coffee and soda. Many friends want better sleep or to give their body premium nutrition.

I know it is hard to believe that Thrive can offer so many fabulous results. I don't know what your experience will be, but I know you will love it!


Results are felt anywhere from Day 1- Day 14, with even more results showing up as you continue your experience. Yes, you can sample for a Day or two, but use that to see how easy the products are to use...not to measure your results.

My Story...

I am Maureen Barre and this is my one year Thrive Experience. After watching my fellow Dartmouth Hockey mom, Kary Kruger, post about all the benefits of the Thrive experience I decided to give it a try. Hugely skeptical and never having tried any supplements before, I was desperate for increased energy. I knew the desire to nap as well as drinking my diet sodas was not how I wanted to live my life.

I followed the directions closely because while I didn’t expect anything, I wanted to give it my best shot…2 capsules first thing with water, followed by the Lifestyle mix and DFT 20 minutes later. Ok, no big deal.

Somewhere between day 3-5 I realized I had fabulous, sustained energy! I had a new motivation to accomplish things I had been procrastinating about. My brain cleared out and I had mental clarity like a teenager! Additionally over the next 10 days I had a great deal of relief in areas where I had constant aches and discomforts. Woo hoo! I just had to tell people about this and decided to promote the Thrive Experience.

About 3 months into my experience, I realized I was waking up refreshed before my alarm went off in the morning. Additionally I became newly motivated to attempt a couple of athletic challenges. Over the course of the summer I trained and completed both a sprint triathlon and 1.25 open water swim event. Prior to Thrive, I would not have even considered trying to do this.

Thrive has given me my GROOVE back. I feel younger, got off the couch and been blessed by the people I have met on this journey. The support and mentoring within the organization has challenged my comfort zone and the people I have helped as a result of sharing the products make me feel great.

Thank you Thrive by and Kary Kruger for changing my life!