It's Geometry

By: Madison, Bianca, and Lauren


Surface Area- The sum of the areas of the faces.

Perimeter - The length around all the sides of a figure.

Volume- The number of cubic units to fill a given shape.

Area- The number of square units to cover a given surface.


Cone Volume- 1/3* 3.14*3.5^2*13=166.68 cubic in. Cone Circumference- 22in Cone Diameter= 7in Cone Height=13in


Dice Volume- 2*2*2=8 cubic in Dice SA - 4+4+4+4+4+4= 24In Dice Length -2in Dice Height - 2in Dice Width- 2in


Pencil Perimeter- 56in Pencil Area- 117 1/2

Pencil Pocket

PP Area- 84in (8*9.5=76+1/2*8*2). PP Perimeter- 35in

World Rug

Area of Inter Circle- 50*50*3.14=7850 Area of Whole Circle- 77*77*3.14=18617.06 Area of Shaded Region-18617.06-7850=10767.06

Extension Problems

Die SA- 24in^2 V- 8in^3. 24/8=3/1 3/1=6/2. Origanial 2*2*2 Doubled 4*4*4 Doubled SA-96 Doubled V- 64 SA- 4*Larger V- 8*Larger

Madison, Lauren, and Bianca