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February 15-19, 2016


This last week has been a one of continuous celebration. Our accreditation visit went beautifully thanks to all of your hard work! The visiting team was impressed by your lessons that incorporated the consistent use of technology. They also commented on our many faculty members working on professional development through extra coursework, professional development and presentations at conferences. I watch how hard each of you work everyday. It is wonderful to know that the accreditation team saw it too! I would be remiss, however, if I did not mention to you how much work Mrs. Brink put into our accreditation. As I watch how hard each of you work, I also see the numerous hours put in by our district office administration and staff. Mrs. Brink, along with others on the administrative team, worked long hours to write, revise and polish our accreditation report. If you have a moment, please let them know how much their hard work means to our school!!

Our accreditation report was followed by the good news of FSUS receiving an "A"! That grade represents the collective effort of every single one of you. It represents your dedication to students and FSUS. I know many of you make personal sacrifices to provide after school tutoring for students, coaching, sponsoring clubs, and countless evenings working on plans, grading, and answering e-mails. You do all of this out of a sincere desire to help kids. That drive to keep moving keep looking at how you can improve what you are doing is evident in our school grade. Congratulations on the "A" deserve it!!! Now....let's go get our next one!

The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants

After School Student Supervision

We want to maintain the safety of our students, faculty and staff. As many of you have heard me mention, we are working on improving our supervision of campus afterschool. Coach Adams is working with coaching staff to ensure athletes are picked up at the student parking lot. While many of our teacher leaders will be assisting with supervision at athletic events, Ms. Hanna and the EDEP program are assisting as well. This week we will be working to remind students and parents of our after school pick up policy. A EDEP campus supervisor will begin monitoring the front pick up area and conducting sweeps of our campus beginning at 3:15 p.m. You can assist us as well by reminding students you tutor or support through clubs or after-school activities that parents will need to pick them up within 30 minutes of the completion of the tutoring or activity. Students who are not picked up within the 30 minute timeframe will be placed in EDEP and parents will be charged a fee. Again, our goal is to maintain the safety of all. We are able to do this by working as a team to supervise our students.

9-12 Faculty MeetingDigital Citizenship Training

Earlier this year, FSUS submitted and received approval on its Digital Classroom Plan. A part of this plan is our Technology Mission and Vision that reads: Increase the technological skills and proficiency of all students by allowing them a world-class digitally supportive education system that engages and prepares all students to be globally competitive for college and career. While we are working to increase our students' use of technology, we must also impart to them the need to use it responsibly. To that end, we are beginning work with a digital education curriculum. For this week's 9-12 Faculty Meeting, and in place of last week's canceled 6-8 Faculty Meeting, please review the trainings found at the link below. If you have a middle school homeroom, please review that training. If your homeroom is high school, please review that training. Feel free to browse the site. Once you have completed review of the training, please check in with Ms. Dekle to sign off that you have attended this month's faculty meetings. If you cannot complete the training by Wednesday, please use our regular faculty meeting time to complete it. More information will follow in the coming weeks!

The celebration continues...

More FSUS teachers have completed their Students with Disabilities Module! Congratulations Eileen Lerner, Cynthia Scott, Norma Jones and Bonnie Clawson! Fifty-one faculty members have completed the module overall. Are you next?

Discovery Ed Window

For teachers using Discovery Ed., a reminder that the next DE window opens this week!

Window 3

February 15- February 26

And the next window is:

Window 4 (K-8 Reading/Math Only)

May 2- May 13

Upcoming Events

Discovery Ed Window-February 15-26, 2016

9-12 Faculty Meeting-Wednesday, February

STEAM Festival-Friday, February 19, 2016

Who We Play For Heart Screenings-February 23-24, 2016

K-12 Parent Reading Night-Thursday, February 25, 2016

FSA Writing Gr. 4-7 (Paper Based)--Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FSA Writing Gr. 8-10 (Computer Based)--Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Carnival-Friday, March 11, 2016

End of Third Nine Weeks-Friday March 11, 2016

Spring Break-March 14-21, 2016 (Students)

Professional Development Day-March 21, 2016