An Ancient Tourists' Paradise!

Dalton Dasch



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The Basics

Location: East and Southeast Asia

Weather: Average of 26-28 degrees Celsius

Climate Type: Almost entirely tropical climate with large mountain ranges.

2 Physical Characteristics: Mountain Ranges and The Musi River.

How To Fit In:

Language Spoken: Indonesian

4 Folways: Celebration of Ramadan, spending time with strangers, 60% of population are farmers, and when it comes to food quantity and quality are critical.

Taboos: Touching others on the head, calling elders by their names, Public displays of affection (PDA), dining without proper etiquette, and offensive body gestures.

Values: Families are close and large, manners (especially when eating), flexible schedule, and social harmony.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

2 Subcultures: The Internet Subculture of Indonesian face-veiled Women and Street gangs of children.

Culture Landscape: Rice terraces, older buildings, and lots of stone formations and structures.

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion: Trade agreements in nearby regions and they method of growing rice that is now used globally.

Evidence of Cultural Change: The way an every-day person dresses in Indonesia has changed drastically. Clothes are much more modern now.