Manhattan Annual HOA Meeting!

December 29, 2015 10 a.m. Mountain Time


1. Review of previous meeting minutes (Janet Sanders/Secretary)

2. HOA Dues, Budget, Reserves (Bill Cullen/Treasurer)

*Possible increase in annual dues


3. Clarification of Bylaws (Amy Sebastian/President)

-Common Elements


*Common Areas

*Access for Electrical and Water Utilities

*Survey/Plat alignment to bylaws

4. Election of Officers

Amy and Stevelyn's Place

Tuesday, Dec. 29th, 10-11:15am

729 West Manhattan Avenue

Santa Fe, NM

Hello Everyone,

We look forward to seeing everyone this season. Can't wait to be in Santa Fe! If anyone needs to conference call in please let me know and I will send out a link for the call. Please bring your copy of the HOA bylaws or have them handy during this meeting. We have several items to cover and this will help during our discussion on the points listed above. Or any other points that come up. If this time doesn't work it can be adjusted. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Amy Sebastian