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June 9, 2019

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Ringing Out 2019

The beloved tradition of Ringing In and Ringing Out at Julian Curtiss is a long-standing one. Students ring in as Kindergarteners to mark the beginning of their elementary school education here at JC. Their journey starts as small children just out of preschool, and they end as grown-up children that are taller, smarter and ready to take on the next chapter of school and life. Friday, June 7th was our day to celebrate our fifth graders moving ahead. We also had the opportunity to celebrate two of our JC alumni, Michael McNulty and Caroline Webb, who received awards. It is always gratifying to see our former students do well and head off to college with a strong foundation!

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This is why we LOVE our work. Here is Bruce Spelman shaking my hand at the Kindergarten Ringing In September 2013 and then again at the 5th grade Ringing Out Ceremony in 2019. It is our privilege to watch these children learn and blossom!

A Note from Mrs. Brush

This is certainly a special group of 5th graders! Their first year at JC was my first year, too. It has been such an amazing experience to watch them grow from such adorable little ones coming in the door to students ready to take on the challenge of middle school. I'm so proud to see them move on, but I will miss them all terribly! Below is the quote I shared on Friday. I hope it is a message that this class will take with them. Congratulations, my first class of JC Eagles!
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Some Fun after the Pomp and Circumstance!

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Thank you to our 5th grade parents and the JC PTA for providing a fun afternoon of celebration for our 5th graders after Ringing Out! A fun time was had by all - as you can see on their faces!

Moving on...

Our full-time psychologist, Kate Napoletano, has decided to accept a transfer to Central Middle School in order to work with that age group of students. Ms. Napoletano has been an integral part of Julian Curtiss and the PPS team for the last three years. She has been an exceptional staff member dedicated to promoting excellence in our students. We will miss you Ms. N. and wish you the very best at CMS. Our only consolation is that you will work with our students when they leave us!

We are in the process of setting up interviews and will report on our progress. We have hired Lisa Melmed, Ph.D. to fill the part-time Psychologist position that is vacant due to Ms. Monica Rothstein’s retirement. Dr. Melmed has been working at New Leb for the last 6 years and is very excited to come to JC! Please welcome Dr. Melmed!

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Last Day of School for Students

The last day of school for students has been set for Monday, June 17th. It will be an early release day with dismissal at 12:45 pm.

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