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Count On Me- Joppa View Fifth Grade Farewell


This brought tears to my eyes (doesn't take much).

SO true of our entire faculty and staff here at Joppa View.

15 people have responded so far.

only 15 more people to go.


Student and Parent Input Survey

Emily Pfeifer is sending an Input Survey to her students AND parents so that they may reflect on her teaching and offer her feedback. This is such a great way to keep doing what works and modify what doesn't. Here are examples of her surveys:

Parent Survey

Student Survey

Save this "I Can" Statement website for later

Dreambox will be available for students over the summer!

Where are you with the Social Studies curriculum?

1st Grade: did you teach the new Social Studies curriculum? If not this year, next year!

2nd Grade: did you teach the now required new Social Studies curriculum? You did!

3rd grade: did you know you are getting a new Social Studies curriculum for next year? I am here for support and would also love to co-plan a lesson.

Yes. I know. I need to stop thinking into next year and enjoy summer first.

End of Year Emails...

Everybody: 2016-2017 Class Lists

The class lists are placed on the Shared Drive in the 2016-2017 Articulation folder for you to organize lanyards/OneCards for next year’s teachers. The official lists will come out on Thursday. Please try not to leave the spreadsheet open too long so that others may access them.

Homeroom Teachers: Fly-Up Day Letters

If you still have your Fly-Up Day letters, one suggestion was to have them on desks for when students come for Sneak a Peak or sometime during the week back to school. If you have another idea, or you don’t have them anymore, that’s okay too!

Math Teachers: Dreambox

Students will have access to Dreambox over the summer! Please spread the word.

ELA Teachers: Vocab and Spelling City

Is getting renewed for next year.

Everybody: Materials

Please continue to check to make sure you and your teammates will have all of the materials you will need for next year. I sorted through some 1st and 2nd grade guides in the hallway. We have a few incomplete sets, but also some complete sets of teacher guides.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

Social Studies Curriculum

1st (it was assumed you were teaching it this year), 2nd, AND 3rd grade will be teaching the new Social Studies curriculum from BCPSOne next year. Professional Development is being offered to 2nd grade on August 18th about this, but not for 3rd. I can work directly with 3rd to go through the new curriculum when we come back.

Don’t Forget to Sign Up for the LH Summer Institute and the Professional Study Day in August

LH Summer Institute: Summer Professional Development Catalog

Professional Study Day: Professional Study Day-2016 Catalog

And most importantly ;)…the Teacher PD Survey:

Only 15 people have responded!!

Can I get at least 10 more??!! Need the feedback to make changes for the better J

Key Fobs:

· Send down to Kayla and do attendance in your rooms

Supply Lists:

· Were given to Grade Level Chairs for revisions

· Please give to Belinda for approval by 6/14


· Keep ID in the case

· Keep the lanyard attached to ID badge

· Send to the students’ next teacher

Class lists are on the Shared Drive for you to sort...we figured this was better to do now, than when we come back in August and you'd have to pick through an entire grade level.

5th Grade ID Badges

· IDs go to Kayla for shredding

· Students may keep the lanyard, throw it out, or send to Kayla

Needs and Wants List and End of Year Checklists:

· Bring with you to grade level meetings or to someone in the office before you leave

Lighthouse Summer Institute:

· We have the proposals we need!

*Remember: you get a business day for presenting!*

· Sign-up under Workshops- Summer Professional Development

Sign-Up for Professional Study Day on August 18th:

· Sign-Up under Professional Study Day- August 2016

Apology for the Constant Emails

I truly despise sending out email upon email for the end of the year. Its the battle between sending out premature emails or waiting until the very last minute to send out one succinct email.

If there is a better way, please let me know!! There are so many pieces to wrapping up the school year. Thank you for understanding and being patient though!