10 Day-Healthy Living JumpStart!

JOIN Dan and I on this journey to wellness!

Ready to kick-start your NEW YEAR, join this 10-day challenge

Dan and I are kicking-off a 10-day couples challenge by embarking on the ARBONNE 10-day healthy living program. Please join us as we slim-down, get-clean and kick-off 2015 feeling fabulous. This is designed to give you energy and clarity through the Holidays as well as prepare you for the actual CLEANSE when 2015 hits!

The cost of the program is $320 per couple or $16 bucks a day! (you can do this with a friend or your spouse). I will order up and deliver the ARBONNE products used in this program!

Here's what you need to join:
  1. Desire to get slim-down, get-clean and start of 2015 feeling amazing!
  2. A phone to dial-into the kick-off, support and wrap-up call.
  3. 1 hour this weekend to hit Safeway and buy the products you'll need.
  4. Competitive attitude to say YES and DO IT!
  5. NO excuses... "we have Holiday parties between Dec 10th and 20th" doesn't count. A 3-hour party one night does NOT discount the other 9 days and 21 hours of committing to feeling great.

I will be calling you TODAY to confirm if you are onboard!

Here's to HEALTH, WEALTH and feeling amazing by New Years..


Erin & Dan


Building a community of wellness!