Big Ben

Of London England By: Dylan McGoldrick

Where can you find Big Ben?

Big Ben is the world's largest chiming clock tower located in central London. Its absolute location is 51 degrees north, and 0 degrees west. It is at the north end of Palace of Westminster. If you are still lost, you are clearly not in Europe.

What is it a part of?

This massive clock tower is built into part of the of parliament which attracts thousands of tourists each year. The tower is now officially called Elizabeth Tower to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The name "Big Ben" was originally gave to the Great Bell; the more you know.

How did humans affect this?

The construction of Big Ben was actually an afterthought. After the fire of 1834 burnt down the Palace of Westminster, this tower was built to commemorate the palace and to have a placement of parliament. The tower was finally completed in September, 1859.

Movement within and around the tower

Unfortunately, there is no elevator built inside this 316 feet tower, but there is a less appealing 300 spiral staircase to climb. To get to and from this major tourist attraction, taxi cabs and busses are the most popular means of transportation. Bikes are also common among the citizens.

What is it like?

While getting its name from the enormous bell inside the clock, it is also the largest bell in the world. (It weighs 13.5 tons!) If you climb to the top of it, or at least a few stories up, you can expect to have a somewhat panoramic view of the River Thames. Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed in without a scheduled trip in advance. Also, no one under the age of eleven can go inside