September 29, 2015

Coffee Order Due Date Quickly Approaching

Just a reminder that all coffee orders are due on your child's ALERT day during the week of October 5-9. This is next week! Please make sure all money is in the envelope and please make sure that all checks have a phone number on them. Thank you so much for supporting ALERT through this coffee fundraiser.

Permission Slips Due!

Our first trip to Charleston is quickly approaching! We are beginning to look at different architecture styles and how they have changed over time. This field study is coming at the beginning of our unit and is a great preview of what is to come!

The cost of this trip is $60. This covers the bus fee, a carriage ride through Charleston, entrance into historic homes and an architecture class at the Charleston Museum.

Please make sure I have received a permission slip for your child to attend. I really want every child to have this learning experience!

If for some reason you would not like for your child to attend this trip please e-mail me and let me know.

Field Study Dates

Monday ALERT (Sandlapper 5th Grade) - Charleston Field Study Wednesday October 14th

Tuesday ALERT (Sandlapper 4th Grade) - Charleston Field Study Tuesday October 13th

Wednesday and Thursday ALERT (Rice Creek 5th Grade) - Charleston Field Study Wednesday October 28th

Friday ALERT (Rice Creek 4th Grade) - Charleston Field Study Wednesday November 4th

Field Study Reminders! (For the day of the trip)

1. Arrive at Big Lots at 5:30 am. Please stay with your parent in your car until 5:35 or until I signal you. I have preparations to make before we can board the bus. Please eat breakfast before you board the bus. We cannot take food or drink on the bus.

2. Wear your ALERT T-shirt.

3. Dress appropriately…listen to the weather forecast that morning….always be prepared for rainy weather……..remember, “it’s better to have something and not need it, than need it and not have it.” You will be able to leave things on the bus that you don’t need as the bus driver will be with the bus at all times or the bus will be locked.

4. Wear comfortable closed toe shoes and socks. We will be doing lots of walking.

5. Don’t forget your bag lunch and a drink both labeled with your name.

6. Give all medication to your teacher as you arrive at the bus. It should be in a zip-lock bag with your name on it and directions for administering. Your teacher will make sure you get it when needed.

7. You may bring a book to read, if time permits.

8. You may sit wherever you like (unless your teacher disagrees) but that will be your seat going and coming.

9. If you have a parent chaperoning, you still must ride the bus. There are times when instructions and directions are being given.

10. Be courteous to everyone. Remember to show appreciation for chaperones, guides, and teachers.

11. Remember that you are not only representing ALERT, but your school and the entire Richland Two School District.

12. Do not bring any money, electronic devices or cellular phones with you as these items are not allowed on ALERT field studies. Cameras are allowed. (You may not use your phone as a camera or your IPod touch as a camera as these items are not allowed.)

13. Remind your parents to be at Big Lots at 5:30 pm to pick you up.

14. Mrs. Alexander’s cell phone number in case of emergency. (803)427-6332