What's Happening at the Hive

Issue #3

K-8 Open House Events

We are excited to welcome you to our Open House events this week. Below is the schedule:

Monday, October 3rd K-2 Open House Event

  • 2:45 - 3:15p Classroom presentations (in homerooms)
  • 3:30 - 4:00p Meeting with Jen, Steve, and PTO (in Multipurpose Room)

Tuesday, October 4th Grades 3-5 Open House Event
  • 2:45 - 3:15p Classroom presentations (in homerooms)
  • 3:30 - 4:00p Meeting with Jen, Erin, and PTO (in Multipurpose Room)

Thursday, October 6th Grades 6-8 Open House Event
  • 3:00 - 3:30 Meeting with Jen, Saeed, and PTO (in Multipurpose Room)
  • 3:30 - 5:00p Classroom visits/rotations (in classrooms)

Slide decks from the meetings with the principal, vice principals, and PTO along with slide decks from specialists will be shared via email during the week of October 10th.

Hive Happenings for the weeks of October 3rd and 10th

Big picture
Big picture

Arrival Reminders

As a reminder there is NO driving in the front loop off Harvard Street between 7:45 - 8:15a. If you need to drive to the building, please use the rolling drop off lane on Stedman Street.

All doors lock promptly at 8:05a. Arrivals after this time are officially tardy and must come into the building through the main entrance off Harvard Street to sign in at the main office. As the weather gets colder and it starts to rain and eventually snow, please leave enough time to arrive on time for school to start at 8:00a.

Student/Family Guidebook Reminder

Please make sure to review the FRR Student/Family Guidebook

Vision Screenings at FRR

Massachusetts Department of Public Health mandates that students in Pre-kindergarten through grade 6 have an annual vision screening done at school. Students in kindergarten through grade 3 and grade 6 have a mandated hearing screening each year.

These screenings for your child’s grade will take place in October or early November.

If your child does not pass this exam you will receive a referral letter from our school for you to follow up with your pediatrician.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our nurses Brianna Cormos and Jana Young

COVID-19 Pattern Letters

Following the guidance from PSB and the Department of Public Health we will send letters regarding patterns of COVID-19 cases in our school community. A pattern is considered 3 or more positive cases within a 10 day period. Patterns will be identified and letters shared by individual classrooms PreK-5 and within grade levels in grades 6-8.

In the letter are recommendations about masking and testing. Since the start of the school year we have sent 1 pattern letter out into the community.

If you have any questions about procedures related to COVID-19 please reach out to Jen Buller, Brianna Cormos, and/or Jana Young.