Stefanie Pettersen

Personality Profile

All About Me

13 years old

Born in New Rochelle , New York

Raised in Portage, WI

Sports: volleyball, softball, bowling, and basketball

Birthday: Oct. 1st

Introvert and Extrovert

53% Introvert and 47% Extrovert

I'm a leader, attentive, cautious, creative, and imaginative.

I know how to organize groups so they work efficiently.

I take account of others' needs before setting goals, and I always have new ideas and know how to apply them.

I have many management skills, as well as thinking skills.


Friends & Family-56%


Will Power-38%




My Family

In my family there's my mom (Geri), my dad (Louis), my sister (Kathryn), and me (Stefanie). My dad's parents live in South Carolina, same as his sisters. My mom's parents live in Minnesota, same as all of her siblings. Her siblings consist of three brothers and one sister, my mom's the oldest. Right now my sister goes to high school, but not in Portage. When I was younger my mom and dad worked during the day so my sister and I had babysitters. Lets just say we didn't like it. One day when we had a babysitter and a pool, we were all (babysitter, sister, and me) in the pool. Well the babysitter was on a float and fell asleep. That was a VERY bad idea.