Rebecca Cole

About Me

Hi! I am Rebecca Cole, this is my page about me. I was born in 1998, April 14th, and live in Coppell TX. I attended wilson elementary, and later Coppell middle school west. As of now I go to Coppell high school and am in 10th grade. I am a Coppell Lariette for the Coppell high school Cowboys football team. I enjoy dancing very much and being able to dance for the friday football games is even better.

Also I have arthritis in my knee, ankle and wrist. This has stopped me from playing some of my favorite sports but if i never had arthritis I would have never started dance.

Tigers are my favorite animal for a couple of reasons. I find tigers very powerful looking and classy. Each of them I find special with the change in stripes they have on their bodies.

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