Head Start/EHS Reminder

Advocate's News

30 Day Reminder: September 19, 2013

As you may be aware, the 30 Day mark is close upon us. Please ensure that all children in your facility have submitted a physical. If this is a new enrollee, that child can not return to the center until this has been completed and submitted to you. If the child is returning, they have 7 days to provide a physical to us or they can not return to the center until completed.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

45 Day Reminder: October 4, 2013

By this date, all screenings should be completed. This includes: Vision, Hearing, Dental, Behavior, and Speech. If you having complications in completing these, please notify me or Bobbie as soon as possible.

Height and Weights, BMI

Some of you may have already begun your measurements, just a reminder to start and complete those as soon as manageable. Please work with your teachers and center aides to ensure that this is done as to not interrupt any of their scheduled events.

Family Connection

Bobbie-Mart will be opening for Head Start parents on October 9, 2013. Please notify Bobbie if you have any questions regarding the point system, volunteering, or in-kind.

Parent Volunteers

All parents can and are encouraged to volunteer at our centers. They do not have to complete any paperwork to do this, however, they can not be counted for ratio if they have not completed the paperwork. Parent volunteers who have completed paperwork can be counted in ratio.