Stop Funding Zoos Now!

By Keeyanna


Everyone likes going to visit the zoo to see unique animals, right? Well, have you ever thought about how the animals feel being looked at inside a zoo cage? Everything may look good from outside, but, in some cases, the inside is made from artificial materials and the environment is plastic. The animals are in small confined areas that, are not always comfortable to them! Luckily, all Zoos are not like this, some have real terrain, plants and soil. In this flyer, I will explain how I think the animals feel and hopefully, all of you who don't care about animals will change your minds and try to help.

The animals side

Imagine this, you are a tiger at a zoo, you are hungry and you can't hunt, you can't go to a watering hole to drink, you just have to wait to be fed! You can't talk and tell someone, "Hey, I'm hungry and thirsty, I want to hunt or eat now"! If you were in the wild, you could just find food and water yourself and not wait for anyone. But, since you are in a cage, you have to wait!, how do you think you would you feel? You can't pick up the phone and order food, you just have to wait. When it's feeding time, it is not what you want, it is a special selection that the zookeepers picked, supposedly good for you! You want fresh deer, antolope or anything that you could catch! Let's compare, "what we do when were hungry:

  • We don't have to wait for it..
  • We can decide what we want..
  • We can fix out own food..
  • We can order take out..,

All of these simple things that we take for granted when we are hungry or thirsty is what the animals used to do out in the wild! When animals live in cages, it's like they are in prison. This cycle had been going on for thousands of years, the only question is will it stop?

The Peoples side

People always say
That animals are better off in zoos because I know that zoos are trying to save the animals and make money, but, they are actually killing the animals because in zoos, animals get sick and sometimes they die. They die sometimes due to the zoo environment and possibly missing their home. Some people believe that zoos are helpful to animals, they think it saves them from extinction but, they don't know that zoos are actually causing them to disappear! The Zoo environment is what's making them sick and making them die, they just can't see that! Until people realize that Zoos hurt animals, animals are going to keep dying and keep going extinct.
So everything is going to stay the same until people change and zoos change or close down.

I hope this was useful because here comes ther hard part!


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