TKAM Themes

By: Joe M

Growing up

In the book To kill a Mockingbird, you can see Jem progressively grow up. One sign that he is growing up is right after the Halloween pageant at the school when Scout screws up. When Scout is down in the dumps after she screws up, Jem starts to try to cheer her up by using some of the same techniques that Atticus would. That is a sign that he is starting to pick up on the actions of his elders. Scout also matures quit a bit in the book. She really starts to act more like a little lady after Aunt Alexandra shows up. She in a way teaches/ exspects Scout to act like a lady. She starts to learn to show her manners to everyone no matter who they are or what race they are.
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In the book Scout, Jem and Dill's friendship grows stronger. One of the main signs of their friendship growing is when Dill gets new parents and isn't around anymore so he decides to run away just to be with Scout and Jem. Another sign is when Jem and Scout get attacked by Bob Ewell, instead of Jem just running he trys to grab Scout and save her too. This shows real friendship. I think that Harper Lee is trying to say that no matter what the struggle, friendship can overcome it.
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During the book Jem and Scout had to judge many people. During the start of the book they judged everyone. They judged people just by their last name like on the first day of school when Walter Cunningham didn't have his lunch and the new teacher gives him a quarter and he wont take it and Scout says it because he is a Cunningham. She just judges him and thinks that just because he is a Cunningham that he is poor. At the end of the book she learns not to judge people as badly. She learns that is doesn't matter who someone is by their last name or by their race.
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