Discovery Boot Camp 6

15 days to a becoming a more connected Discovery Educator

DE Boot Camp: Engaging Students Day 1 .......................... Think Like a Student

This week, we're going to focus on the student side of Discovery Education and how you, as a teacher, can connect with your students through DE in many different ways.

See what a student sees

When a student logs into Discovery Education, they will see a My DE designed just for them. They'll be greeted by the Student Center Welcome page where they'll find weekly articles about all sorts of relevant, timely topics. They can also customize the look and feel of their DE by choosing a theme that matches their own unique personality.
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Throughout the week, we'll be learning different ways that you, as a teacher, can assign things to your students in Discovery Education. Everything that any teacher (or librarian, administrator, etc) assigns to as student is organized in the Student Center under the ASSIGNMENTS section. Students can filter their assignment by type, class, or teacher, or bring them up in a calendar to view them by due date. To access any assignment, the student will simply click the ASSIGNMENT NAME to begin.
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Resource Center

The Resource Center is where students can access any of the Discovery products that their school subscribes to, like DE Streaming, DE Science, DE Health, and the DE TechBooks. If you enter DE Streaming as a student, you'll notice that it looks very much like what you see as a teacher - the main difference is that students do not have access to teacher tools and materials, professional development resources, etc.

It's also important to point out that an Admin account user can control settings in DE's My Admin to set limits as to the content available to students on any particular campus. For example, your school's DE admin might choose for students on an elementary campus to be limited to content specified for grades K-6. (If you see MY ADMIN at the upper-right with you're logged into Discovery, you have admin access.)

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More Cool Stuff - Blog, Games, & Get Involved

The Student Center BLOG contains several new blog posts each week written by Discovery Education staff, targeted specifically for Discovery Ed students. There's even an archive of all of the past articles that students can browse for their own independent learning.

In the GAME section, students will find a collection of educational games for a variety of content areas and grade levels. Remember - there are more of these in your Discovery media library that you can assign to your students as you choose. The GAME section also contains the Discovery Atlas so that students can explore media that takes them all around the world.

The GET INVOLVED section contains a collection of global student projects that you and your students can join to get involved in something beyond the walls of your classroom. These projects change over time, so check back often for new, exciting challenges.

Board Builder

The Board Builder is a tool that both teachers and students have access to in Discovery Education to create, share, and publish dynamic, custom interactive multimedia presentations. Boards that you create as a teacher can be assigned to your students, shared with your school or district, and/or published to the Discovery Media Library (we'll learn more about that next week). Student-created boards may be turned in to their teacher for evaluation and feedback. Teachers may also choose to publish student-created boards to the school, district, or DE community through the Discovery library.

Watch the video below to learn how to create your very own Discovery Boards.
(if the video is blocked, you can also click this link to access it in DE)

DES Board Builder

My Favorites

Just as teachers have MY CONTENT to save and organize their media in Discovery, students have MY FAVORITES. My Favorites works very similarly to the My Content that you learned about last week, except that students cannot upload files into their My Favorites. (note - the only place a student can upload files is onto a Board in the Board Builder)
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Today's Assignment - Explore a Bevy of Boards

The Discovery Board Builder is an awesome tool for both teachers and students that allows you to create your own unique media presentations and publish them through Discovery Streaming. Today, I'd like for you to explore some of the really cool things you can do with a DE Board...

1) CLICK HERE to see a wonderful collection of both student-created and teacher-created Boards

2) take some time to browse a bevy (at least 5) of these boards (the more the better)

3) think of ways that you could use Boards as an instructional tool in your class

4) think of ways that your students could create Boards in your class to demonstrate their learning in a fun and creative way.

Bonus tip of the day! ........................... Screencast-o-Matic

As you begin to think of all the different types of media that you can create for your students and assign to them through Discovery, one of the most useful techniques I've found is screen-capture video. While there are quite a few good screen capture programs available, both for the desktop and for mobile devices, my favorite so far is Screencast-o-Matic - it's the tool I used to create the Board Builder video above ( It's web based, but can also be downloaded and installed, so you can use it anywhere you need it. Once you've created your video, you can save it in a .MP4 video file, uploade it into your Discovery My Content, and assign it to your students.

SOM also has a free version that works really well, but consider upgrading to the PRO version for just $15 a year - the time that the editing capabilities in PRO will save you alone make that money very well spent (and that's just one of many added features in PRO). Want to learn how to get started? Watch the YouTube video below.

How to Use Screencast-o-Matic

Are you just joining the Discovery Boot Camp? ............. Catch up on what you've missed so far

Week 1 - Foundations

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