Mental Health Careers

Erika Ortega

What is a forensic psycologist?

  • This profession is commonly described as the study or practice of psychology and the law. Forensic psychologists decide what the criminals next move is going to be and why they're committing these crimes (psychologically).

Training and Education Requirements

  • Internship, shadowing a forensic psychologist
  • Must be licensed within state with proof of completion of education
  • (ABFA) American Board of Forensics Psychology certified
  • High school diploma
  • Doctorate degree in psychology
  • Bachelor's & Master's degree
  • Phd or PsyD

Working Conditions

  • Forensics psychologists are generally in some type of Prison, jail, rehabilitation centers, police departments, law firms, schools, or government agencies.
  • Most of the time they will be working with law enforcement or criminals. They may need to attend screening or individual therapy with criminals.
  • The services that this profession provides include; anger management, crisis management, screenings and psychological assessment just to name a few.
  • Other places where this professional may be found include, courtroom, mental health setting, crime scene and in a laboratory.

Job Outlook

  • Within the next two years this profession will grow at a rate of 19%.
  • A forensic psychologist will always have other options to turn to when being laid off or interested in a new career. Jobs that they may want to consider are Criminal profiler, consultant, counseling at risk youth, lobbyist, or becoming a professor for an undergraduate or graduate program.


  • In Texas the average earning of a forensic psychologist per year is between $47,914 and $87,371.
  • Forensic psychologists have the oportunity to increase their salary by qualifying for full time FP.

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