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Happy Friday!

January 11, 2021

Dear Families,

I sincerely hope 2021 has been treating you well! We are so excited to have our students come back to us next week, even if it's only two days per week, after being fully virtual for over a month! We miss our kids, and we know you miss us having them too! :)

Today is the last day to make your selection for virtual or blended learning through the 3rd marking period. The selection period will open back up again April 19th. If you haven't already done so, please make the selection you'd like for your student(s) here.

Wednesday meal deliveries for our fully virtual students will continue! If you would like to be added or removed from the list, please let Mrs. Bilkos know. Her email is, and our school number is (810) 768-3860.

As another reminder, if you choose to leave a review for us, please take a screenshot of the review and send it to Mrs. Bilkos. When our community and reach grows, ALL of our scholars benefit, and we want to make sure we personally thank you for spreading the word and sharing why you choose Greater Heights Academy each and every day! We're so glad that you do!!

Happy New Year!


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Welcome to our newest team member, Mrs. Andrea Sutherland!

Mrs. Sutherland comes to us with LOTS of experience and will be teaching a k/1 classroom! We are so happy to have her join our team, and we look forward to our school family meeting her as well!

Student of the Month

Our January character trait for Student of the Month is "dependability!"

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Some things change, but but some things never do!

The top picture is a custodial chart that is posted outside of each classroom to ensure daily and sometimes hourly checks are done for classrooms. This is new to our district this year and was implemented as a safety measure for being proactive with Covid.

The bottom picture is a letter Mrs. Roark has put up outside of her classroom since the very early years of her teaching career, and it's still every bit as applicable today as it was her first year! <3

Google Review!

You choose us for a reason, and we are so thankful! Our community grows when others hear about the great work we do and decide to make the same choice your family made. Help us reach others... Share your WHY for being part of our GHA family!

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Laptop Care and Tips

All of our scholars have received devices for virtual learning. Below are a few tips to ensure the technology devices are not accidentally damaged or lost.

- Ensure the case remains on the iPad or Chromebook.

- Ensure food and drinks are not around the technology devices.

- Ensure scholars are stationary when using the iPad or Chromebook.

- Monitor data usage. (Make sure hotspots are turned off and disconnected when not being used for school work.)

- When lessons have concluded for the day, ensure the scholar places the device in the same location each day.

- Ensure the technology devices are plugged into the charger at the end of the day in order for the scholars to have a fully charged device for the next school day.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 810-768-3860.

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