Aysegul's 3, 2, 1 Introduction

İTDİ Language Learning to Go Online Course Week One

Two things I'd like to learn from this course:

1. Learning how to adapt tools into classes

2. Meeting new colleagues from other countries

An activity from my class: Grab the mic and get on the stage! :)

Humor in ELT classes is an ımportant topic but Telling a joke is generally a hard situation. Comedy Central’s Comedian Constructor aims to take some of that pain away. With this magnificient elt tool you can customize your comedian’s look and background to set the scene, and then wrıte his/her lines, and finally, watch them take the stage.

To give your comedic avatar a voice you can use text-to-speech, record with a mic or by phone, or used one of their canned acts. (Very unfunny ones at that.) I tried out the text-to-speech function and it sounded very robotic (see more images after the jump). Once you’ve customized your avatar you can put them on the stage in front of an audience and see how they do. You can then email your comedian to your friends or post it on the site.

It wasn’t created for educational purposes but we can use this tool as a class helper. Our students can create a stand up comic, record their best joke and perform in front of a virtual audience. Students can then post their performance to a gallery, blog or send it to their teacher.

Project Suggestion!

Grab the mic get on the stage project!

You can create a contest between your students. They can record their jokes with the help of their imagination and creativity . They can vote each other and choose the best comedian at school.

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