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January 23, 2022

Dear Kingsley Families,

We appreciate you taking the time each week to read our school newsletter. Did you know our school newsletters are also posted on our school website? You can bookmark this website to easily access our school newsletters each week.

We had a LOT of kids participate at yesterday's Science Fair! We are so proud of all of our Kingsley Lions who participated! Science Fair participants may bring their projects to be put on display tomorrow. Classes will visit the projects throughout the day.

Have a great weekend,

Mel Hackett and Eleni Gajewski

February Parent-Teacher Conference Note

District 58 values the family to school partnership, and parent teacher conferences are a key component of communication and collaboration between home and school. In the past, we have worked to ensure a family member for each student engaged in parent teacher conferences during both Fall and Winter Conferences. However, we received feedback that as a result of strong communication that occurs on a more regular basis, a winter conference may not be necessary for all families. We recognize that many families still find great value in the winter conference opportunity. If you would like to schedule a conference, please follow the directions below when the conference window opens. If you do not feel that a conference is necessary at this time, no action is needed and you can disregard future communications regarding conferences.

As always, whether or not you participate in conferences this winter, please know that you can request a conference with your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year, should you feel it would be beneficial. Additionally, your child’s teacher(s) may contact you at any time if they feel a conference would be helpful.

Parents and guardians are invited to sign up for winter 2022 parent-teacher conferences using the online PowerPTC conference signup system. While PowerPTC is a new tool this school year, District 58 has used it in the past. It is also the same signup tool currently used by our high school district, District 99.

Parent-teacher conferences will be held in person. However, families who require a remote option should schedule their conference in PowerPTC and then change the meeting type from “in person” to “video conference.

Please view the parent-teacher conference signup guide to learn how to sign up for a conference using the new system, along with other helpful information.

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Kingsley Playground Committee: Help Wanted!

The Kingsley Playground Committee is preparing to take next steps with the planning phase on January 27th. The committee will meet with a representative from Wight & Company to identify areas to reduce costs. January 27th will also be an opportunity for committee members to brainstorm action plans for sub-committee work. This is where we looking for more hands! The more families involved, the quicker we can get this project rolling. We are looking for families (or friends of families) who want to become members of a sub-committees in the following areas: grant writing, fundraising, and public relations and branding.

Want to get involved? It's not too late! Email Mel Hackett ( and Eleni Gajewski ( to RSVP for our 1/27 Playground Committee Meeting at Kingsley School from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Northshore Testing Update

Our COVID testing partner, Northshore, has indicated that they will no longer be utilizing the cheek swab method of specimen collection to ensure accurate testing in response to the current COVID variant. For the time being, starting Monday, January 24th, they will exclusively use the shallow nasal swab as a means of collecting samples for weekly screening and other forms of COVID testing.

If you wish to withdraw permissions for your child(ren) due to this or any other reason, please use this form to indicate your intent. Families who previously provided consent who no longer wish to have their child(ren) participate will want to submit this form prior to Monday, January 24th, the first day Northshore will exclusively use a nasal swab for all screening and testing.

Form responses will be shared directly with your building nurse team as well as with Northshore so information can be pulled from the system. Please fill out one form per child.

If you should have any questions at all regarding the nasal swab or wish to further discuss the program, please contact your school nurse, building principal, or Jessica Stewart, Assistant Superintendent for Special Services.

COVID-19 Case Notification

Looking for COVID-19 case notifications? As shared in the last Communicate 58 newsletter, District 58 shifted the way it reports cases to families. Until Jan. 11, principals sent daily emails to families informing them of positive staff and student cases, including student grade. While we have received positive feedback around this level of communication, we have also heard from families that the volume of emails is high, and that parsing this information in paragraph form may not be the most efficient way for families to be kept informed.

To that end, on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2022, the District stopped sending daily COVID-19 notification letters to families. Instead, the District updates its COVID-19 Dashboard with this same information on 4 p.m. each school day. The dashboard continues to have weekly totals, but we added two new pages that include daily counts for staff and students. The new dashboard screens show daily cases in each school by grade level. You can navigate the multiple pages of the dashboard by clicking page numbers at the top left of the dashboard.

Save the Dates...

Jan. 31 Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up Closes

Feb. 1 Parent Teacher Conferences (Registration Now Open)

Feb. 3 Parent Teacher Conferences (Registration Now Open)

Feb. 11 Fun Lunch & Valentine's Day Classroom Parties

Feb. 14 Valentine's Day (Class parts on Feb. 11)

Feb. 14 Board of Education Meeting 7pm - Village Hall

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PTA Reflections Update

WOW! We would like to recognize the following students for their participation in this year's District PTA Reflections Competition:

1st Grade: Drew C. (Photography)

2nd Grade: Adalyn C. (Visual Arts) & Abby D. (Visual Arts)

4th Grade: Sean C. (Photography)

6th Grade: Lilly W. (Visual Arts)

Congratulations to the following students for moving on to Regionals: Lilly W. and Adalyn C.! Best wishes to Drew C. who will advance to the state competition!

Fun Lunch Orders: NOW OPEN


2/11/2022 (Order Deadline 1/31/2022) – Aurelio's, pizza only

3/18/2022 (Order Deadline 2/28/2022) – Al's/Skuddlebutt's, pizza only

4/22/2022 (Order Deadline 3/31/2022) - Zazzo's, pizza only

5/20/2022 (Order Deadline 4/30/2022) - Aurelio's, pizza only


ORDERS MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE BY END OF MONTH FOR FOLLOWING MONTH! Other future months will continue to be open for ordering.

New To Kingsley Fun Lunch?

Go to the link

Click on the "Create an Account" and follow the prompts

Only ONE account per family is needed, click "Add a Student" to add each of your children

Further detailed instructions will be in the "News" section in the most recent posting

If you have any questions, please e-mail

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