a genral from germany

Informormation on this specific general

My General has three children, one girl named Gisela. He has two boys named, Gero and Rudiger. He had a wife and her name is Jutta Sibylle Von Loeson. Birth parents were, Eduard Von Lewinski and Helene Von Lewinski (Sperling).
Three fun facts about my general, he was adopted by Hedwig Von Manstein and Georg Von Manstein. Another one is he was known as the finest general in germany, and he was the master at strategic planning. Speaking of which he was signified for the strategies, he had came up with to win a battle.
He was most proud of his eldest son Gero, because he had followed in his foot step adn became a lutenite but he who which had died in position. Erich went from a small solder and worked his way up by getting more and more invalved to were he got to be the general and couldnt go any higher. He wished to be like hitler he took every demanded he ordered with reason.

biography of the general from germany

He was born: November 24, 1887, in Berlin Germany
He had died: June 10, 1973
His death is unknown.
He fought for Germany.