Juvenalian Satire

Social evil through scorn, outrage, and savage ridicule


The Britannica Encyclopedia(2016) suggested that Juvenalian Satire is bitter and ironic criticism of people using verbal abuse, anger and pessimism. The name comes from the 1st century satirist Juvenal who denounced the Roman society.


HubPages Inc.(2016) discusses how satirists use sharp sarcasm to push the tolerance boundary of their audience.

Relation To Modern Day

Podzemny (2016) says that satirists will exaggerate the words of their opponents, or put them in a position to highlight their mistakes. This reminds me of politicians. They always try to tear each other down and make the other politician look bad.

Saturday Night Live (2016) uses juvenalian satire in its skits. They blow things out of proportion to make fun of people or groups, commonly using politics.

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