Swan Necklace Killed!

2016 February | The Daily Meow =* ~ *=

Yet another death for the Nee-Mee-poo

Swan Necklace, my poor, poor, lover, was killed today. It was a sad day. I was walking to the Old Lady's land, but we got stopped. We both stopped at a tribes' place, and got a bunch of food and tools! We thought they were awesome, but were a but suspicious. We started to head off, when Swan Necklace stopped, and fell over. I saw blood, and knife in the back of his throat, shock rang out in my head, and I raged. I turned around to see warriors from the tribe then, I got dragged off to a tipi where I was sat on a pole, tied around. A woman was there to watch after me. She was kind, and I don't think she met harm. She was also sad from the death of Swan Necklace. She took care of me, and told me I was to become married to a warrior from that tribe. I ran away the day of our wedding and hid in a snow pocket. I covered my self in ermine skin, and ran away as fast as I could when they weren't looking. I was finally reunited with my family.