Talon Talk

Volume 5 Issue 3

➡️ Principal's Update ⬅️

It’s November and it’s time to brace for winter. The school year started strong and compared to last year, students enjoy more freedom. Students eat in the lunchroom, go to their lockers, and travel to each class. While that may seem normal, I can’t help but feel we shouldn’t take it for granted. Last year, students ate in their classrooms, couldn’t travel to lockers or classes, and as a result, the 2020-21 school year was very tough.

We do not have the pandemic completely behind us, but it’s important to look for positives. The biggest positive is that students are in-class learners! Just knowing we have nearly all students in a classroom during the school day is what helps me sleep at night. Last year, we couldn’t say that much. I walk in music and choir classes and see them playing and singing. Last year, at least first semester, they had alternate lessons because singing and playing were not allowed. Last week, our PTSO met in the library to support students and teachers. Last year, outside groups couldn’t meet within the schools. We are inching toward pre-pandemic normalcy, one day at a time. Most importantly, I see vibrant hallways, lunchrooms, and classrooms where kids are allowed to be kids.

HMS still has safety considerations and sometimes conversations can be difficult with our stakeholders. Students are doing their best. Teachers are doing their best. We learn about ourselves each and every day. I’ll look back some day, and think…”I was the principal that navigated HMS through an unprecedented and strange time in American History.” I’ll have a lot to reminisce as I sit in my “proverbial rocking chair.” One thing I do know: I will reflect kindly on our courageous students and teachers. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

🔷 Counselor’s Corner 🔷

As we approach the holidays, we know that this time of year can be especially difficult and emotional for many people. Also, the days are growing shorter with less sunlight as winter approaches. Kids are not exempt to these emotions and often don’t know how to handle or communicate the overwhelming feelings they begin to feel during this time. The counseling office chooses this month to focus on our Signs of Suicide program during this month. This is a program that signs or clues in yourself and others and how to take action to get help. The program promotes “ACT” which is an acronym for “Acknowledge”, “Care”, and “Tell a trusted adult”. Suicide rates and attempts are growing in the United States and at an especially alarming rate in our young people. We take a proactive approach to offer tools for our students who are struggling or who know someone else is struggling. If you’d like to learn more about common myths associated with suicide, click here.

🗣 PTSO Info 🗣

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