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Ms. Solmson's Weekly Newsletter

September 12th - September 16th


We loved continuing our wordless picture book study this week! We began by reading Flora and the Flamingo. We made observations of the cover which allowed us to make smart predictions of what the story would be about. We laughed throughout the silly story, watching Flora copy the flamingo and then the flamingo copy Flora! The author's unique style of telling a story with hidden pictures under flaps inspired us to make our own flip books. We each chose our own animals and drew pictures of them copying us doing different activities. Next, we read Animals Home Alone. While reading this story each child got to narrate their own page. We couldn't believe all the crazy antics that the animals got themselves in to. On Thursday, we enjoyed reading Chalk. The class was so surprised to hear that we had our very own magic chalk in the classroom! We loved going outside and using our imagination to make our own chalk creations come to life. Our wordless picture book study has led to rich discussions utilizing wonderful vocabulary.


This week in Math we continued learning about addition concepts. We loved getting to use our counting beads. They really helped us visualize the concept of adding together. On Wednesday we learned what happens when you add zero to a number. Just like last week, we really enjoyed all our math games! Thursday's Mega Math Centers were enjoyed by all.

Writing Workshop

I'm so excited to share that Writing Workshop is quickly becoming one of our most favorite subjects! We have been doing an amazing job of creating a warm and positive writing space for all of our SUPER WRITERS! We are learning that writers are never done and we have a saying, "when I am done, I've just begun." We are practicing that when we think we are done with a story, we can add more words, add to the picture or start a new story.

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