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John Castellano of Pittsburgh - The Many Advantages of Building Green

John Castellano of Pittsburgh has committed his career to the practice of building environmentally friendly buildings near Pittsburgh and throughout the country. Castellano founded his company with his wife, Jennifer. The couple has committed themselves to creating viable green construction solutions to a variety of clients in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. They hope to expand in the next few years as their message of environmentally sound construction reaches new clients. Castellano thinks of his role with his company as important to the future of construction in his native town.

John Castellano of Pittsburgh has heard many companies turn down his services because they thought the costs of building environmentally safe buildings would cost too much. In reality, the costs may be slightly higher at the beginning of a construction project, but once the building is complete, the savings can be huge. As with any structural improvements, the full benefits may not be realized immediately, but over the long run, “green” buildings save companies huge sums of money every year.

Buildings are considered “green” when they are energy efficient. This factor alone saves companies money because “green” buildings reduce energy costs. They use less electricity, gas, and water. Over time, the savings from using energy more efficiently alone will save companies thousands of dollars every day.

“Green” buildings are also constructed from more durable, lighter weight materials, reducing the need for costly repairs after the building has been completed. John Castellano of Pittsburgh tries every day to convince more companies of the benefits of sustainable construction.

John Castellano of Pittsburgh - Going Green

John Castellano of Pittsburgh founded a construction company with his wife Jennifer Castellano in 2009. The company is called Go Green Construction (GGC), and seeks to provide “green” construction solutions to clients throughout the country. Castellano relishes being able to save the planet and run a successful business at the same time. For all the contention between the business community and environmental interests, there is some common ground. Companies can save massive amounts of money by cutting down on energy consumption whenever possible. Energy efficiency saves companies green by going green. GGC creates solutions that save the planet and save money for clients.

John Castellano of Pittsburgh provides solutions for companies through GGC. The construction contracting company helps with construction projects from the very beginning, with workers looking for ways to conserve energy and lower operating costs whenever possible. Even after a building is completed, GGC conducts energy audits designed to find ways to save energy and money wherever possible. One of the most common ways that companies waste energy is via heat transfer or loss. To heat a large office building or retail center, a large amount of energy is used to generate heat through the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. GGC inspects the HVAC system in a facility and tests for heat transfer and loss through windows, doors, walls, roofs, and ceilings. By limiting the amount of heat transfer through these avenues, the GGC team, led by John Castellano of Pittsburgh, can limit the amount of heat that must be produced to make the facility comfortable, thus cutting down on energy usage and cost.

John Castellano of Pittsburgh - Selling Solutions

John Castellano of Pittsburgh works for a construction company that he and his wife founded in 2009 called Go Green Construction (GGC). GGC helps clients by offering the many benefits of going green when constructing their retail centers, offices, and other facilities. Castellano thinks of himself as selling solutions to his clients. All companies want to cut down on operating costs wherever possible. One way to do this is to avoid wasted resources like water, gas, and electricity. GGC ensures that all new construction projects it is involved in create sustainable buildings that don’t waste energy. GGC helps companies conserve money and energy with building green solutions.

There are many benefits of building green. When the construction project is finished, the energy, gas, and water costs are reduced, along with the building’s ecological footprint. In a world of rapidly dwindling resources, conserving the resources a company has is all the more important. John Castellano of Pittsburgh wanted to have a positive impact on the environment for his kids’ sake, so he channeled his construction experience into creating sustainable building solutions for clients who want to create a safe, healthy place for their employees and customers. The energy audit team at GGC finds all of the areas where a client can improve their energy efficiency and generates a list of ways they can implement improvements. Many buildings have rampant indoor pollution as a result of the overuse of HVAC systems, for example. GGC inspects HVAC systems to find ways to improve efficiency and make the air safer to breathe.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

Why waste more of your time, money, and resources to achieve the same results? Many people all over the world are attempting to answer this question as better methods are being created each and every day to produce better and cheaper operations for businesses.

What used to cost thousands of dollars to run now only takes hundreds, and processes that used to require months now have the ability to take mere days to complete. The importance of energy efficiency is necessary to understand in order to ensure a brighter future in a more efficient world.

Energy efficiency has allowed businesses internationally to create products and services at a much cheaper level than before. This means that a business that adopts more efficient ways of production can provide their products for cheaper to the public, and also expand their operations that much easier.

This is essential to growing some of the less developed countries in the world. With the tools to produce faster and easier, less fortunate and developing companies will be given the opportunity to sustain themselves and grow their economies.

Being energy efficient also has a very large environmental impact. Many businesses that are given the opportunity to be energy efficient have helped save the amount of energy that is being used in the world. One business might not make an international difference, but with a world of business adopting cleaner methods of production, the amount of energy that is left over will help provide a better future.

John Castellano from Pittsburgh has created his business off of this concept, using his construction company, Go Green Construction, to give business owners this opportunity to be energy efficient, taking one more step for a better Earth.

Improving the Unit - Raising Your Property Rent

It’s hard enough to fill the vacancies in your property, especially with a multi-unit building. But once this is achieved, the next step is to look towards building upon what you already own, and improving it in such a way that you can raise your rents and improve your profits. This improvement requires offering more to your tenants, and providing better services to those who rent your units. Whether it be commercial or residential, there are many different solutions to finding ways to improve your buildings.

The first step to improving the value of your units is looking towards the structural and community integrity. Rents cannot be raised if the buildings are not well constructed, and prepared for guests to rent. The community must also be well kept, and presenting your property as professionally as possible will allow your units to stick out beyond what is around your property. Finding places of opportunity where you can improve and raise the value of your property is a game of perception and creativity: there is much to be found, all it takes is the ability to see it.

Beyond what can be done by you internally, there are many options to take from companies externally that are experienced in building property value and creating a property brand. A Pittsburgh company, Go Green Construction, has been doing this for properties all over the city and the eastern United States by building an environmentally friendly and energy efficient set of properties. John Castellano Pittsburgh, the owner of the company with over 30 years of experience, has been raising the rents of his clients through his sharpened construction skills and improvement ability.

What Environmentalist Do To Promote Greener Lifestyles

When a person decides they are going to support a specific cause, they usually like to go all in and show their support. When it comes to the environment, environmentalists show their support in a variety of different ways. Dedicated to what they believe in, these people show they mean business by hosting green events, supporting green companies, as well as the simple things like recycling. The following are examples of what people can do to become greener and work their way to being an environmentalist.

Hosting a Green Event

Hosting any event may be tough, but they are almost always worth the hard work especially when the theme of the event is a worthy cause. Hosting a green event does not have to be a party of grandeur, it can be simple, fun, and most importantly informative. Hosting a green event is a great way to bring people together for a certain cause and educate people on simple ways to support and continue the cause. Though it may seem like a big task to host a green event, the cause of going green is worthy of all the work that goes into it. Plus, there is no one who does not like a good party.

Supporting Green Companies

Supporting businesses that have established greener methods of work is a great way to show support for the green cause. Businesses everywhere are starting to adopt cleaner and greener ways to complete their tasks. With companies of all sizes looking for ways to benefit their environment, people should support the companies by choosing to employ their services over other services that lack green methods of work. John Castellano Pittsburgh of Pittsburgh is the owner of Go Green Construction. The company is a great example of establishing green methods. Everything from their design to the completion of their construction is filled with methods of going green.

Businesses Going Green for a Better Environment

Concern for the environment is at an all time high. People who live in cities such as Los Angeles, California and Hong Kong, China, can vividly see the cloud of smog hovering above their cities. Global warming is causing the ocean’s waters to rise. The ozone layer is thinning and in some places becoming nonexistent for a time. With all that is going on in the world today, it is clear that the environment is in need of some help.

As Mother Nature is starting to grow ill from all of the pollution, people are standing up and making a difference in their community’s environment. These people are environmentalists. These environmentalists are legitimately concerned for the wellbeing of the earth, and are doing their very best to help recover their planetary home back to the condition it was once. However, knowing they cannot do it alone, this special interest group has called up the help of businesses worldwide in order to have support in their quest to restore the health of the earth. Businesses are hearing the call.

All over, businesses have begun to sprout up and find ways to become greener. Cars are using fewer emissions; companies are recycling more often, while others are using less waste. Companies like Go Green Construction, are avidly looking for ways to become even greener than they already are. From start to finish, companies are re-planning their processes and creating ways to be more conscious of the environment.

Environmentalist John Castellano is a part of the business endeavors to be more environmentally friendly. Having a genuine care for what is happening to Mother Nature, people like John Castellano Pittsburgh are stepping up and turning their business into a greener business.