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The responsibilities of a veterinarian are to examine, diagnose and treat animals, prescribe and administer animal medications, take cell and tissue samples and perform diagnostic tests, and perform surgery on animals.

Education Needed

To be a veterinarian, you need a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Taking an agriculture class or any class in the veterinarian course could help you prepare for the career.

Work Setting

As a veterinarian, you could work about 50 hours a week. Most veterinarians work in private clinics or hospitals. This job may be stressful depending on what you're doing.


Veterinarians make from $50,000 to around $110,000 annually.

Similar careers include:

Animal caretaker, marine biologist, animal groomer, and zoologist.

Personal Assessment

It's important to remember that you can't save every animal. I think this career would be good for me because I love animals and care about them.

Final Thoughts

The pros of this career are: getting to interact with people and animals, getting to save lives, and the pay is very high.

The cons of this career are that you can't save every animal and that you can get very messy.

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