Beowulf Culminating Project

Anderson Kim

Part 1

The person I look up to is my cousin Eddy, the reason I look up to him is because he has always been there for me ever since I was younger. He also has had a good education which I look up to because i would like to go to the University of Texas at Austin. When I need help with school or i have a problem I go to him for advice. He helps me stay away from trouble and from failing school. He is mostly always there when he is in town but even when is out of town I can call him if I need anything.
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Part 2

1. "We can be heroes, we can be heroes, we can be heroes just for one day, we can be heroes." - David Bowie

2. The intentions of the lyrics were meaning that anyone can be hero and it doesn't take time, you just have to do something to contribute to society and this can take one day. I also think he means that people need to be confident in themselves because they can be heroes that help people.

3. This connects to Beowulf because he helped contribute people because he defeated enemies that were a threat to his people and this is something that shows that he cares and he died trying.

4. The song makes a connection to my cousin because he has always been there for me and even in a day he can help people out without having to physically be here in Coppell. He has done a lot for others and isn't really selfish when it comes down to it.

Part 3 - The Outsiders

Epic, Fate, and Bravery

The connection i made with these three terms was from the movie The Outsiders. The specific part of the book/movie that I recall was when Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dallas go into a burning church right after they got some food and went in there and saved the little kids. While this occurred Johnny was burned and suffered major pains so he later died, but was known as a hero for what he did for those children and others.