Badger Bulletin

November 16th

School News

SETTING UP CANVAS: link provides steps on how to set up a parent account on Canvas

ILA Classes

Stems: Students can practice on,, or by searching wwtw.

Read 180: Students will continue with narratives this week. This will include writing about their "favorite mistake," working on hooks, picking their own topic to write about, and typing a final draft of one narrative to be graded.

Story: Students are working their research papers. Monday through Wednesday will be writing an intro, body, and conclusion. Thursday and Friday students will type, peer edit, and complete the final draft.


Reading short science fiction stories this week. Working on how these stories fit into the genre while working on inferences, summary, and writing paragraphs. Quiz Friday on stems list 14, level three of four level (focus on appositive and participial phrases) and science fiction vocabulary (what makes up the genre-use scifi notes to study).


System 44:

  • Students are starting their bookmark book reports today. Most of the book report will be done outside of class.
  • Students will be focusing on adding relevant details in writing.
  • There will be a Stems quiz (prefixes) on Friday
  • There will be a reading comprehension assessment on Tuesday
  • block 1: Character traits, block 2: making predictions



Monday dilations

Tuesday and Wednesday review

THURSDAY ~ chapter 2 test

Friday CLS reflection and goal setting


Planning to test 8th grade chapter 2 on Wednesday, and then moving on to chapter 3.

Algebra has a quiz on Tuesday.


Dilations…cartoon enlargements and reductions

Test at the end of the week.

For math tests and quizzes students should prepare by:

1. Check Skyward. Are all assignments in and passing?

2. Practice tests and quizzes from each section in the book.

3. Review pages at the end of the chapter in the book

4. On-line book has practice tests and quizzes:

mathblue westbend


All students have access to IXL to practice their math skills. Each class has different skill sets and skill levels to be working towards improvement. See link below.

1st Hour: Working on division concepts. Mid-chapter test on Friday.

3rd Hour: Working on division concepts. Mid-chapter test on Wednesday.

9th Hour: Finishing up division and moving into adding and subtracting decimals.


Mr.Dziatkiewicz, Mrs.O'Leary-Miller, & Mr.Peacy: all classes will be starting their new PLTW units. The teachers will be in PLTW training on Monday and Tuesday. Mr. Peacy will be starting chemical engineering, Mrs. Miller will be starting Flight and Space travel, and Mr. D will be start electricity.

Social Studies

Mrs. Miller:

Students will work on completing a Google slides presentation on the French and Indian War. The Chapter 5 test is scheduled for Tuesday November 24th.

Mrs. Paulson: We will continue working on the Google classroom assignment on the French and Indian War. Our chapter 5 test will be on the 24th of November. The extra credit study guide is on Mrs. Paulson's canvas page. The Quizlet study guide links are provided below.

Mr. Granzow:

Mr. Christopherson

Study Guide Links for 5-1:

Study Guide Links for Chapter 5

RM study guide

M study guide