When I became part of the team

Brandon Agee

Becoming part of the team

When Rudy wanted to become part of the football team, he went through so many disasters just to get there. first, he had to go through a Christian high school just to get into Notre Dame. Second, he kept getting rejecting by the university because his application wasn't that good. Third, he had to work this job that he was barley getting paid for. Finally, he has to study so hard to get his grades up and if he didn't get his grades up then he wouldn't be able to get into the university. For the rich people there parents just paid for them to go through college and they didn't have to go through half as much as Rudy.

Rudy and his dream

When Rudy wanted to become a part of the football he faced a lot of problems. He had to become a member at the school to actually play on the football team. He had to get beat up and knocked down just to make it but not even dress just to say that he was part of the team and make his father happy and to let him know that he actually got accepted into Notre Dame. He didn't want to go back and go work for his father and be labeled a failure, so he did what he had to and jot his dream together.

Pictures of Perseverance

Rudy quit

When Rudy got mad he wanted to quit the team and he did. He didn't like not playing because for 2 years he just sat on the sideline. His fortune told him that he shouldn't quit and he should get back on the team and that is exactly what he did. He got back on the team and everyone was so excited because he was really good and was a very good defender and worked the hardest on the team.


Rudy wasn't the exact type of player to play football. He was short around 5'6 and stubby. He was a very hard working kid that would do anything for a spot at something. He worked hard to play for the high school team and worked even harder to have a chance to play at Notre Dame. He had wanted to go to Notre Dame since he was a little kid and he never thought that he couldn't make it into that school. He is the perfect person to represent perseverance because he never gave up on anything.