Rudy Perseveres After Facing Adversity By: Moira Danko

Rudy's begnnings

Ever since Rudy was a little boy he loved football. But Rudy's family doubted him his whole life. They told him that he wasn't good enough to play football at Notre Dame which was his dream. He faced a lot of adversities in his life. People told Rudy that he was too small to play football. But Rudy never listened to them. Rudy also lost his good friend who was the only one that understood him. His friend died in a mining explosion when Rudy was in his teen years. But instead of morning over his friend's death, Rudy moved on and just tried even harder to get into Notre Dame. A few years after that, Rudy got into Notre Dame. That made Rudy's family see him in a completely different way. They were inspired by Rudy. He persevered by doing something that people said he couldn't do.

The Journey of How Rudy Got Into Notre Dame

First, Rudy had to get an idea of where he wanted to go to college. His whole life Rudy knew that he wanted to go to Notre Dame. Second, Rudy knew that he had to get good grades in order to get into Notre Dame. But Rudy struggled with Dyslexia. Third, Rudy didn't have good enough grades to get into Notre Dame but he studied at a school called Holy Cross which was right by Notre Dame. Fourth, after four years of studying hard Rudy tried three times to get into Notre Dame. But he didn't get in. Finally, Rudy had one more chance to get into Notre Dame before he couldn't apply to Notre Dame anymore and his dreams of going there would be thrown away in that moment. One day Rudy went to his mailbox and found the letter that would define his entire future. He opened it and found that he got into Notre Dame. His hard work paid off and he rose to perseverance by meeting all of those requirements and going through the hard process of getting into Notre Dame.

Rudy's adversities

Rudy had to face a lot of problems in his life. Rudy had to deal with the death of his best friend. Rudy also had to deal with being dyslexic which made it even harder for him to learn. Dyslexia also made it harder for Rudy to get into Notre Dame. Rudy was underestimated by a lot of people, including his family. He was small, only 5 feet, 6 inches and only 165 pounds, Rudy was a football player. A lot of other boys were bigger than Rudy. So Rudy couldn't get into Notre Dame on a football scholarship. But Rudy found a solution to all of those things. Rudy studied hard at Holy Cross and eventually he got into Notre Dame and was able to play football there. After he got into Notre Dame, everyone saw Rudy differently. They saw that he was worth a lot more than just how small he was. He showed all of the people that underestimated him that he could do just as much as anyone else could.

The Cause of Rudy's Perseverance

Rudy was told his entire life that he couldn't get into Notre Dame. Even his family told him that he couldn't play football at Notre Dame. This caused Rudy to try even harder to get into Notre Dame and play football there. When Rudy applied to Notre Dame for the first time, he didn't get in. That effected him and hurt his feelings. He applied 2 more times, but didn't get in. He was greatly effected because he began to think that he wasn't good enough. But he never gave up on his dream and Rudy got into Notre Dame the last time he applied there. His hard work paid off and that caused him to finally be happy.