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School Content / District Content

Did you know that Discovery allows you to share content, folders, activities, assessments, etc. with other users across your campus, or even across your district? When you go to your MY CONTENT, you'll also find tabs for SCHOOL CONTENT and DISTRICT CONTENT - it's here that you can access everything that's been shared with you by your fellow teachers.

Sharing with your School/District

So how to you go about sharing something, you ask? First, you'll need to save what you want to share to your MY CONTENT. From there, simply click the ACTIONS button to the right of what you want to share and select MOVE/COPY, then select the location you want to share with (School or District) and click COPY.

Note - most accounts are setup so that it requires someone in your campus/district with approval rights in DE to approve things that are shared before they actually appear in your SCHOOL CONTENT or DISTRICT CONTENT. If you are an admin user in DE, you can assign approval rights to anyone you want to assist with that function, or, if you want, you can even turn off the requirement to approve shares if you choose. Email me at if you have any questions or need assistance setting your admin preferences.

To approve or not approve...

If you have approval rights for shared items, you'll see an APPROVALS button at the top of your SCHOOL CONTENT or DISTRICT CONTENT list. To approve items, click the APPROVALS button, then click the ACTIONS button at the right of each item and choose APPROVE or REJECT as needed.
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Today's Assignment: Reflect

* Reflect on at least three ways that it would be very useful to be able to share resources and/or activities through Discovery's My School/My District on your campus or in your district.

* Find out who, if anyone, is setup with approval rights for your school (or district) shared content.

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