Parkwood Hour of Code (Teacher Ed.)

an hour of code in one hour and fifteen minutes

Wednesday Dec 9th @ 3.15pm - 4.30pm (Library)

A quick introduction to help you understand coding and bring into your classroom (the very next day).

I'll be showing you through the basics of which I've been running in my classroom this semester. My goal is to provide you with the foundations and game plan so you can walk back into your classroom and give coding a go.
Anybody Can Learn - 60 sec teaser


3.15 Introduction / Computational Thinking
3.25 Hands on with
3.40 What is a loop?
3.50 What is an event?
4.00 Build your own mini game (serious)
4.20 Gameplan and book a class set of iPads
4.30 Finish
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(Above) For early readers
(Below) For students that can read
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Looking forward to seeing many of you this Wednesday - Wes :)